2018 Revaluation of Real Estate


In 2018, the Village of Cross Plains is completing a revaluation as required by state statute for all property (residential and commercial) located within the Village. The Village has a contract for assessor services with Associated Appraisal Consultants, Inc. 

Assessor Responsibilities

The assessor is responsible for uniform values of all real estate and personal property located within the Village of Cross Plains for property tax purposes.  It is the assessor’s responsibility to ensure fair and equitable assessments based on fair market value; which property tax burden is then distributed fairly among all property owners.

Tax Rates

The Assessor does not set the tax rate, nor raise or collect taxes to cover municipal budgets. The tax rate is established by the Village Board annually during their annual budget approval process. 

The Assessor conducts the valuation process while operating in accordance with Chapter 5 of the Wisconsin Property Assessment Manual and the assessment procedure governed by Chapter 70 of the Wisconsin Statutes. Laws are very specific as to how the work is carried out. 

The Assessor must be within 10% of market value as defined by Statute, at least once in every 5-year period.

2018 Revaluation Process

For the 2018 revaluation process, Associated Appraisal completed field inspections during the months of May and July. During the week of September 10th, the Village Assessor sent property owners a ‘Notice of Assessment’ letter. This letter outlined the revaluation and the results of the Assessor’s revaluation work.

If you have questions concerning your valuation, please call Associated Appraisal directly at 920-749-1995.

Open Book Session

There will be an Open Book session held by the Assessor where you can meet with the assessor individually to discuss your concerns on Monday, September 24th from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. at:
Village Hall
2417 Brewery Road

To make an Open Book appointment, please call Associated Appraisal 920-749-1995.