Comprehensive Plan & Park & Open Space Master Plan

The Village is updating its Comprehensive Plan and Park and Open Space Master Plan. As part of these important updates, Village officials wish to learn the community’s desires related to growth and change in Cross Plains over the next 25 years. There will be several opportunities throughout the update process for public involvement and feedback. 

The Village has contracted with Vandewalla and Associates to complete this important work.

Public Amendment Nomination Period

The public amendment nomination period is September 26 to October 28.

Comprehensive Plan Overview

The Village of Cross Plains is in the process of updating its 2008 Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan is the Village’s guide for the long-term growth, development, and preservation of the Village and nearby lands.

View the Comprehensive Plan (PDF).

Future Land Use Map

The Comprehensive Plan contains a Future Land Use Map (Map 4a and 4b), which assigns future land use categories to all parcels within the Village and surrounding area. Wisconsin statutes require that all changes to zoning within the Village limits must be consistent with the future land use category shown on the Future Land Use Map.

Reviews & Potential Changes

As the Village updates its Comprehensive Plan, it will review and potentially change the future land use designation in some locations on the Future Land Use Map.

In addition to this review, any interested person, organization, agency or business may submit suggestions, proposals, or requests to the Village for changes to the Comprehensive Plan, including the Future Land Use map, other maps, and Plan text. 

Formal Request Process

The Village is initiating a formal process to consider these requests. Any party interested in changing an aspect of the Plan must complete a short application form, which will assist the Village in evaluating the request. 

View the Public Nomination Application (PDF) or pick one up at Village Hall (2417 Brewery Road). Only those requests that have completed an application will be accepted.

Deadline for Requests

The deadline for requests to amend the Comprehensive Plan is October 26, 2018 at 4 p.m.

Nomination Application Materials

View the 2008 Comprehensive Plan (PDF).

View the Public Nomination Application (PDF).