Boards & Commissions

There are several boards, commissions, and committees that exist in the Village of Cross Plains either by requirement through Wisconsin Statutes or by design as enacted by the Village Board. The Village Board is the main decision maker for the Village, but does have several other commissions and committees that are used to assist the board in its governance of various issues.

Special Commissions & Committees

The Village President, may, from time-to-time, and, subject to the approval of the Village Board, appoint such Special Commissions and Committees as is deemed advisable to further the legitimate business of the Village. The appointment of a Special Commission or Committee shall state the number of members and the object of duties to be performed by the Special Commission or Committee. 

All Special Commissioner Committees shall cease to exist upon completion of this designated task or deadline established by the Village Board. Please note the following Special Commissions and Committees:

  • Sustainability Committee

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Finance Advisory and Enhancement Committee - The Finance Advisory and Enhancement Committee is tasked to research, review, educate and receive community input on financial topics and issues for the Village Board and the community.

Joint Review Board - The Joint Review Board is required to meet annually to review the Municipality's annual report that describes the status of each existing TID in the Municipality and is also required to undertake any other dates of a Joint Review Board applicable to an open TID.

Parks and Recreation Committee - The Parks and Recreation Committee is tasked with decisions that affect Parks, Recreation and Conservancies in the Village.

Plan Commission

Police Commission -

Public Safety Committee - The Public Safety Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Village Board regarding matters related to the Police Department, Emergency Management and other matters referred for consideration by the Village Board.

Sustainability Committee - The Sustainability Committee was appointed as a special committee for a specific term of one year. The Sustainability Committee is responsible for reviewing and recommending actions to the Village Board regarding environmental stewardess.

Zoning Board of Appeals

Library Board - The Library Board is tasked with decisions that affect the Rosemary Garfoot Public Library and its programming.