Running for Local Office

Becoming a Candidate

The following documents and link provide information on how to become a candidate for public office. As a candidate, you are responsible for becoming familiar with the election and campaign finance requirements that apply to your campaign. You may obtain general information about elections from the Wisconsin Elections Commission website. Further information could be obtained from either the Wisconsin Statutes or from your private attorney. Information you receive from the Village Clerk's office may not be interpreted as legal advice or a release from your responsibility to comply with the law.

Required Candidate Forms

The following forms must be completed and filed by 5:00 pm the first Tuesday in January in order for the candidate's name to be placed on the ballot for the Spring Election:

Notification of Non-Candidacy

Required for incumbent officeholder is not intending on seeking re-election to the same office. The Notification of Non-Candidacy is due by 5:00 pm the 2nd Friday before the nomination papers deadline. 

Notification of Non-Candidacy (PDF)

Local Offices    
Village President 2-year term Elected in odd years
Village Trustee 2-year term 3 seats elected each year
Municipal Court Judge 4-year term Elected in even years