Property Taxes

Mill Rate
The Village's tax rate is determined after Village Board approval of the annual budget. In addition to the Village's portion, your bill includes taxes levied by other taxing jurisdiction in which your property is located: Middleton Cross Plains Area School District, Madison Area Technical College, and Dane County.

Estimated 2023 Total Mill Rate: $21.18 per $1,000 of assessed value (Village portion: $8.69)

2022 Total Mill Rate: $21.52 per $1,000 of assessed value (Village portion: $8.67)

2021 Total Mill Rate: $21.19 per $1,000 of assessed value (Village portion: $8.51)

2020 Total Mill Rate: $21.66 per $1,000 of assessed value (Village portion: $8.40)

2023 Tax Bill Insert (PDF)

2022 Tax Bill insert (PDF)

Available Property Tax Credits (applied directly to your tax bill)

  1. Lottery and Gaming Credit – if you are a Wisconsin resident, own your property and it is your primary residence, a property owner may qualify for this credit. For more information, including application forms, please visit the Department of Revenue website.
  2. First Dollar Credit – if there is a real property improvement on the land, the property qualifies for this credit
  3. School Levy Tax Credit – all taxable real property in Wisconsin qualifies for this credit

Additional Tax Credits (claim on your Wisconsin income tax return)

  1. Homestead Credit – this credit has requirements that can be found in the income tax instructions or in the common questions on our website at Claiming Homestead Credit
  2. Veterans and Surviving Spouses Property Tax Credit – a credit equal to the amount of property taxes paid during the year on an eligible veteran's or surviving spouse's principal dwelling. The Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) provides a certificate of eligibility. Information, instructions and request forms can be found on the DVA website.
  3. Renter's and Homeowner's School Property Tax Credit – this credit is not available if an individual claims the veterans and surviving spouses property tax credit

There is one program intended for the elderly in particular

  • The Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA) provides property tax deferral loans for the elderly
  • For more information, contact WHEDA at (800)755-7835