Our Community

The Village of Cross Plains is a unique community characterized by rich natural resources, historic neighborhoods, and small-town character. The Village is located approximately twelve miles west of Madison and the tremendous economic and cultural opportunities found in the greater Madison area. Over the last fifteen years, the Village’s population has been increasing steadily - presenting both opportunities and challenges. Growth can provide an increased tax base and a more diverse economic environment. However, as population increases, so does the demand on municipal services. In this context, planned development in a controlled, orderly, and predictable manner will enhance the Village’s ability to retain its small-town character, avoid land use conflicts, provide housing and appropriate employment opportunities, and protect its natural and cultural resources.

Our Vision

The Village desires a safe, clean, attractive and prosperous community that residents of all ages are proud to call home. There will be available a range of housing choices by price and features and a sustainable business environment. The rich natural resources of the Village and surrounding countryside, and the Black Earth Creek in particular, will continue to be a defining feature of the community due to careful preservation efforts. Residents and visitors alike will be able to travel freely throughout the community by car, bike, or foot, and commuter transit service to Madison will reinforce the strong economic relationship with the metropolitan area. Though ties with Madison will strengthen, the Village will retain its character and identity.