Brush Pick Up

Brush pick up in the Village is the second and fourth week of each month. Usually crews start on Tuesday, but this could change depending on weather or other projects. You must call the Village Office at (608) 798-3241, ext 102, email or fill out the brush pick-up form  to get your address on the list. 

Brush is defined as any woody type material with a diameter of lead in a lead pencil or larger.  

Brush collection is intended as a convenience to property owners, therefore, brush will not be collected from tree removal or trimming work done by commercial contractors.

Some reminders about brush pick up:

  • Please leave branches as long as possible.
  • Limbs or branches must not exceed 6" in diameter. 
  • Wood blocks that are larger than 6" will need to be stacked separately and will be picked up separately.
  • Please place brush in an orderly fashion, parallel to the curb.
  • Place all cut ends pointing to the right as you face the street. This will allow the most efficient use of crew time in feeding brush into the chipper.
  • Do not place material on the street or in the curb. In the case of a rain event, the material will block the flow of storm water.
  • Vehicles parked on the street adjacent to brush piles present a significant barrier to collecting brush. Attempting to drag brush around a parked vehicle has the potential to scratch the vehicle's paint.
  • Please make sure to removed all metal, roots and dirt. These items pose a hazard to our machinery.

Please remember that the Village does not pick up leaves, grass clippings or garden/yard waste. These items can be disposed of at the Village compost site located on the west side of the Village Public Works building located at 1225 Bourbon Rd.

In the event of a major storm, brush should be placed curbside and will be picked up as soon as possible.

Christmas tree pick-up: The Public Works Department will collect trees weekly during the month of January. Please place your tree at the curb for collection. You must remove the tree stand, lights, ornaments, all other decorations and the tree bag, or your tree will not be collected. Crews will not collect wreaths, evergreen rope, garlands or boughs as they contain wires that can damage equipment.

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