Highway P Reconstruction

During the Summer of 2018, the Village will be completing the street and utility reconstruction of Highway P through the Village from near Culvers to the northern Village limits. This project is scheduled to begin on April 2, 2018, depending on weather condition.

Please continue to visit this page for up to date information on the status of the project. The Village will be sending out weekly progress emails throughout the project. Please contact Caitlin Stene, to be added to the distribution list. 

Weekly progress emails will also be posted on this page.

Overview of the Project

View the Final Construction Plan (PDF).

The project is split into two phases. 

Phase One

The first phase will be the area south of the Military-Church intersection (by the Middle School), the portion north of that intersection is phase two to be completed during the second half of the project. The first phase has a substantial completion date in the beginning of August. 

Phase Two

The second phase will begin as soon as the first phase underground utilities are completed. We expect work to occur on the Baer Street section during the month of June. The Village has decided to install a temporary road lane just north of Thinnes Street between Church Street and Springfield Road to ensure access for all local traffic throughout the project. 

Work to construct this road lane will begin with the start of the project in April. The temporary road will be controlled by temporary traffic signals which will allow alternative one-way traffic on the road at a time.

Road Construction

The road construction will progress in waves. 

Wave One

The first wave of work will be the removal of the current road surface, which will be followed by the installation of new sanitary sewer. Sewer is the deepest utility installed under the road surface. Third will be the installation of new water main and laterals to homes. After water main installation, MG&E will be installing new natural gas infrastructure. 

Wave Two

Storm sewer will be the last and final utility installed under the road surface. Following storm sewer, you will see the concrete work including the pouring of sidewalks, curb/gutter, and new driveway aprons. After the concrete curing time period, the road surface will be installed. 

Road Surface Installation

You will see two waves of road surface installation. Overall, once you see the start of the installation of sanitary sewer at your property, you can expect activity around your property for approximately 8 weeks for all phases to be completed. 

Crews will be working Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to approximately 7 p.m. Depending on weather, some Saturday work may occur.

Detour Information

There are two detours published for the project. 

 View the Local Detour Map (JPG).

Examples of local traffic include:

  • Accessing the driveway of your home or the home you are visiting
  • Accessing to your work site or a business along or near the project
  • Visiting a school

If you are not local traffic but through traffic, you will need to follow the official Dane County Highway P Detour Map.

View the Dane County Highway P Detour Map (JPG).

Construction Site Map

View the current construction site map. This map will be updated throughout the project.

Garbage/Recycling Information

Residents along the project, throughout the project please continue to place your weekly garbage and recycling at the end of your driveway or as close to the end of your driveway as possible. 

Village Public Facilities Staff will be responsible for picking up your weekly garbage and recycling and will bring it to a designated location for collection by Town and County Sanitation. 

Your garbage and recycling bins will be clearly labeled by the Village to ensure they are properly returned to your property each week.

Temporary Mailbox Locations

Residents received information on their temporary mailbox location in a letter sent by the Village during the week of March 5th. We understand that the temporary locations are causing some concerns for residents along the project. 

Unfortunately, the Village has very little control over the Post Office and their decisions. 

Residents with concerns are encouraged to contact the Cross Plains Postmaster directly 608-798-1462. Please refer to the letter you received during the week of March 5th for more information on temporary mailbox locations.

Weekly Progress Updates

Review the weekly progress updates in the archive center.