Stormwater Management

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The Village takes storm water management seriously and has taken several steps to ensure that it is minimizing the impact of storm water on the community and the Black Earth Creek. Listed below are the Village's current regulations, plans and policies, collaborations, and projects.  


Chapter 65 Erosion Control and Stormwater Management (PDF)

Chapter 83 - Land Division and Subdivision Regulations (PDF)

Chapter 84 - Zoning Regulations (PDF)

Chapter 85 - Floodplain Zoning (PDF)

Chapter 86 - Shoreland Zoning (PDF)

Plans and Policies 

Village Conservancy Management Plan (PDF)

Parks and Open Space Plan (PDF)


The Village is participating in the Capital Area Regional Planning Commission Green Infrastructure Planning process. This initiative is a collaborative, watershed-level green infrastructure planning effort that first began to develop last year. Green infrastructure is a broad range of practices that mimic natural processes for managing stormwater and reducing flow to surface waters. CARPC started looking for opportunities to work with communities on these issues at a regional scale after the results of the A Greater Madison Vision Survey highlighted flood mitigation, particularly through green infrastructure, as a top regional priority. 

The Village acknowledges that flooding is a regional issue and continues= to look for other ways it may collaborate with regional partners. 


In response to the 2018 Flood Event, Village is currently scoping flood mitigation projects. As part of this, the Village Board authorized the Village of Cross Plains Flood Improvement Study. Conducted by Jewell Associates Engineers from Spring Green, Wisconsin, the study identified a series of projects to reduce the impact of a similar flood event. The Village will utilize this study to pursue grants and guide land use policies in the future.  The Village continues to identify and maintain smaller drainage ditches, swales, storm sewers, and infrastructure to maintain the Village's internal drainage.